Why Do I Have to Log In?

Exploring Alabama Careers is a one-semester course that includes equipment, materials, and access to this website, which can only be obtained when the product has been purchased.  It was developed by Learning Labs, Inc., based in Calhoun, GA.

What Happens in the Course?

This project-based, middle school courseware features career cluster exploration based on the national career and technical education model. Instructor-based lessons lead into career-related projects. These allow students to identify the knowledge and skills needed to pursue a wide range of career opportunities.

The course begins with a three-week, whole-class introduction that includes a discussion of the career clusters. During this time, students will complete a demonstration project that introduces them to the supplied laser engraver, printer/cutter, and 3D printer. This will prepare students for these tools' frequent use throughout the rest of the semester.

Upon completion of the introduction, students work in pairs in 12 workstations, each of which corresponds to one of the Alabama career clusters. Each section provides both mandatory projects and optional project- or research-based challenges. It is expected that each pair of students will work in each station for around a week before rotating to another station and career cluster.

These projects and challenges are largely self-guided but students may require the teacher's help with certain steps. This is especially the case with the laser engraver, printer/cutter, and 3D printer.

What if I'm Not in Alabama?

That's OK, we can customize this content for your state!  For more information, email or call us at 800-334-4943.